Friday, 26 February 2016

The Hockey PDOCast: Ranking the Broadcast groups from around the league

Let me be completely, unambiguously clear: this is not my content.

This is content from Hockey PDOCast's Dimitri Filipovic and Travis Yost.

I'm writing this mostly to catalog it for myself so I can refer to it later. I'm choosing to put it on my blog instead of, say, in a Word document, for two reasons. 1) It relates to the Leafs, as does this blog, and 2) Someone, somewhere, might find this written version helpful.

Also to note, this episode is a month old but I'm just getting to it now because I somehow missed it. The Hockey PDOCast is a must watch for me. I've listened to every episode and they're all fantastic so if you're a hockey fan who is even a little bit interested in the analytics perspective (which, if you're here, you either fit that bill, or are my mom), you should check it out.

So to start, here's the link to the podcast where @DimFilipovic and @TravisYost make this ranking if you want to listen to their hilarious and insightful breakdowns:

And if you wanted to check out the written listing, here it is. They were ranked by entertainment and amount of information given for the most part. Bin 1 is really bad and Bin 5 is really good.

Bin 1:

Pittsburgh (over-the-top homerism, following terrible narratives, a lack of interesting information)

Colorado (extreme homerism)

Anaheim (complaining about officiating, lack of information)

Bin 2:

Columbus (Jody Shelley tangents)

St. Louis (constant interjections)

Detroit (Osgood in-studio "Learning a Hockey Language")


Tampa Bay (unremarkable, Rick Peckham a bit over the top)

San Jose

Arizona (don't call the game well)

Washington (homers, just okay)




Bin 3: 


Winnipeg (Dennis Beyak is very good, Shane Hnidy is not good)

New Jersey (Daneyko towering over is hilarious, otherwise not good)

Boston (too much homerism, superiority complex but starting to humble, very exciting, good information)


Buffalo (seamless transition from Rick Jeanneret)

NYR (good but not great, solid broadcast quality, Sam Rosen has a great voice)

NYI (good but not great, solid broadcast quality

Nashville (not a strong opinion, Carter Hutton is amazing)

Philadelphia (completely unremarkable)

Bin 4

Carolina (John Forslund is amazing)

Chicago (Pat Foley is amazing, Eddie Olczyk says dumb stuff sometimes)

LA (Miller is okay, intermission with Jim Fox on key play)

Bin 5: 

Dallas (Dave Strader  is amazing, Daryl Reaugh [Razor] is amazing)

TSN 1 (Ray Ferrarro is the best colour guy in the league, Gord Miller also amazing) [Ottawa/Toronto]

TSN 2 (not to mention Chris Cuthbert and Jamie McLennan) [Ottawa/Toronto]

Overarching takeaway:

Player interviews are terrible

I moved Minnesota and Winnipeg into the 3rd bin because one was high on Winnipeg while one was low, and there wasn't really any consensus on Minnesota.

So, fellow Leafs fans, we did pretty well with TSN.

Unfortunately, CBC and Sportsnet were not mentioned at all, so I'll leave that as an open question: Where would you put CBC and Sportsnet?

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